Vaccinations: Dogs can only be accepted on the condition they have a full, up to date, vaccination card including the kennel cough vaccine, which is to be administered at least two weeks prior to boarding. Vaccination cards are to be kept on the premises whilst your dog is boarding.

All flea and tick treatment is to be up to date, and any dog found to be hosting fleas or ticks will be treated at the owner's cost.

Payment: Rates are charged daily regardless of drop off and collection times. Your kennel is reserved for your dog from 10am until 6pm on the days you wish to drop off and collect.You are welcome to pay on drop off or on collection. We accept cash or cheque at this present time. Reductions will not be made for early returns, All days booked must be paid for.

Opening hours: Dogs will only be received and released within the opening hours of 10-12am & 4-6pm. Winter evening opening hours (once clocks change) are 3-5pm.
Please respect opening hours as they are there for the dog's well being.

Bedding and belongings: You are welcome to leave a blanket or vetbed for your dog as long as it is in a clean condition. No other types of bedding will be accepted. You are welcome to leave a couple of toys but no responsibility will be accepted for these, in the event of them being chewed or potentially lost during the cleaning of the kennels. If your dog is likely to chew, then toys will not be allowed for safety reasons.

Accident/illness: In the event of either accident or illness your dog will be taken to Marches Veterinary practice, unless your dog has an ongoing illness or condition, in which case we are happy to liaise with your own vet. All costs to be borne by the owner.

It is emphasised, whilst every care and attention is given, the proprietor accepts no responsibility for injury due to your dog's behaviour, whilst boarding at our kennels.

Dogs will only share kennel space and exercise time together if they are from the same household, and only with the owners signed consent.

The proprietor reserves the right to turn away any dog that they feel unsuitable to be boarded.

We do not accept aggressive dogs. If your dog becomes aggressive whilst boarding, every attempt will be made to ensure its basic care but it will not be allowed out of the kennel area.

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